Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park Da Nang: Great tourist destination for your kids

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park is not only famous as one of Da Nang Vietnam attractions but also has many amusement areas for your kids so you can give your kids a weekend vacation to have fun with family. Here, kids not only have fun but also can live closer to nature, visit the wild beauty of the mountains and enjoy the longevity eggs with extremely nutritious. Let us discover the uniqueness that Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park brings to your baby below!

Water Park with unique water games for kids in Da Nang

Being the owner of Vietnam's largest mountain water park, Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park  brings your beloved kids unique water games so that they will be able to wade through the area. With colourful gliding trails, waving lakes in the midst of the mountain and many games such as the Black Hole, Water Park at Nui Than Tai  Hot Spring Park attracts many visitors to visit, especially the kids. Your kids will surely have a good time here.

Visiting the unique destinations of Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park

The names such as Long Quy Statue, Maitreya Statue, Long Tien Cave or Fortune Money Frog will certainly make your kids extremely curious and want to explore. Set amidst romantic mountains, these unique destinations of  Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park  are not only the places for kids to understand more about the culture and the ancient times of our father, but also the opportunity to stay away from any smartphone, television to live more in harmony with nature.

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Enjoy delicious dishes

If you want to take the kids to Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park  but wonder if there is nothing to ensure nutrition for them, do not worry anymore. The lunch buffet with more than 100 delicacies, extremely long-life eggs, fast food restaurants and beverage outlets, junk food are always available to serve the needs of your kids and your family.

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With all of interesting things above, you can surely give your kids the best vacation ever at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park. Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park also has many high-qualified healthcare services to take care of your family when coming there. So why don’t you schedule the time to go there right away? Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park always welcome you anytime.