Miik bathing area

Miik bathing area

Coming to Nui Than Tai hot spring park, besides experiencing hot spring bath with a rare mineral water from the ground, visitors also enjoy the service "onsen fresh milk bath" -  very good for health, especially with female visitor, this is a service that cannot be ignored.

From time immemorial, people have used the milk to make beauty. The pale milk drops containing protein, enzymes, lactic acid ... help overcome skin flaking, acne, rough skin, moisturizing and smoothing the skin, anti-aging, helping skin cells resist environmental contamination and damage from the outside. If combining drink milk with milk facial massage,  it is more better and efficient.

In the past, the beauties in the palace often soak in a bathtub full of milk about 2 times a week. This bath method makes skin smooth skin with essential moisture. To create a body with specific scent, people still use the flowers with gentle smell such as roses, chrysanthemums, jasmine by getting the petals to mix with milk to bath.

After only a few times of milk bathing, you will feel the change markedly. One of the great benefits of milk bath is that your skin will become smoother, markedly feel softer and reduce skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. Besides, the reason that "fresh milk" is called as elixirs for keeping youth is the ability to regenerate the skin specially.

When skin expose to milk, it will boost the body to remove dead skin cells, strengthen skin regeneration process and gives your youthful skin as dream. Moreover, the milk bath for at least 2 times a week will help to bring an extremely fair skin healthy.

With bathtubs carved from monolithic stone, you will feel the absolute relaxation while enjoying fresh milk bath services, it promises to bring the greatest benefit for your body!