Wine bathing area

Wine bathing area

Wine is known as a drink for men to "sip", however, few people know that wine is also used to care skin beauty effective. Bathing with wine regularly helps preserve youth, youthful skin. 

For people want to be ageless, bathing in wine is an appropriate choice. This is also the beauty secrets of Egyptian queen Cleopatra from thousands years ago. Besides wine-filled tub is a large wine bottle carved from stone that looks very special. The red wine contains Resveratol - an antioxidant and protects skin from harmful effects of the environment.
Wine has the ability to help your skin cells smooth pink white without fear of erosion by the compounds in the wine with deep effects on the development of skin cells. This fluid contains over 10 ingredients to help prevent aging effectively. Also, it is also used to exfoliate dead skin, acne, reduce oily to give the women naturally glowing and smooth skin. 

This unique bath method is a Japanese invention. Besides taking care of beauty, this bathing is effect in arthritis treatment; make the skin smooth, soft and rich elasticity. Also, this bath water is also effective for nerve pain and skin diseases. The reason that wine bath is so effective because wine has the capacity to reduce skin capillary and make blood circulation.

Coming to Nui Than Tai hot spring park, do not forget any experience the amazing benefits of wine bath!