Onsen tower

Onsen tower

Is a place for mineral bath in the tub with large size according the Japanese style and characteristic. At Onsen in Nui Than Tai hot spring park has qualified with standards of Beppu city - the famous city of Onsen in Japan.

1st floor: Onsen bath for male/female separately, capacity of 100 guests/each side + Japanese garden.
2nd floor: Reception, locker, towels/clothes desk of onsen bath.
3rd floor: Gym

Onsen is not only a traditional bath type, known as a relaxation therapy; fatigue release that is hidden with deep humanist meaning story. The Japanese said that with nude bathing in the hot mineral waters such as Onsen, it will make everyone the same, the boundary between the rich - poor, officials - popular classes are removed.

Onsen baths will make you hungry and thirsty. At this time, you will enjoy eggs boiled directly from mineral springs. Just boiled eggs in the natural hot mineral water of 90oC, but due to reacting with mineral sources, these eggs are extremely nutritious. Legend has it that eating these eggs; you can add up to three years of life.

Now, The experience of this remedy has become easier than ever. At Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park, you will enjoy relaxing moments both physically and mentally with onsen baths operated by experts from the Japanese. "Bathing once time makes smooth skin, bathing two times makes disease dashed", coming to take directly experience and you will get these miraculous benefits.