The best place for beauty treatment and relaxation for women in Da Nang

Relaxation and beauty treatment have become a necessary demand of women; especially the ones who work under pressure and easily get the phenomenon of premature aging. In Da Nang, Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park with healthcare and beauty services is one of the best places to visit in Da Nang where women spend each weekend to be able to get both skin care and anti-aging perfectly. So what does Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park have that attract women like that? Let discover below!

High-qualified healthcare and beauty services

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With hot mineral water extracted from Ba Na Nui Chua with the highest mineral content in the country, Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park ensures to bring the best mineral mud bath, fresh milk bath, tea bath, coffee bath, herbal bath and especially the top quality Japanese Onsen bath. Fresh milk, tea, coffee, wine, herbs... are natural ingredients used in the beauty treatment with the great use of exfoliating, anti-aging, whitening skin and making the skin smoother. At Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, the combination of hot mineral and natural ingredients will definitely help you 'rejuvenate' and relax a lot after experiencing. 

Green fresh and quiet space in the middle of nature

One of the factors that affect the effectiveness of beauty treatment is the comfort while being beautified. At Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, the beauty space is surrounded by greenery of the mountains, bringing fresh air and tranquillity so that you can relax in the most effective way. Imagine, you will be completely immersed in nature, soaking in the hot mineral fragrant tea, coffee, herbs in a day without work and the noise of the city, it is so great, isn’t it? 

Professional and friendly staffs
Coming to Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, you can be completely pleased with the attitude of the staffs. The staffs are well trained, professional and friendly. At each service point, there are staffs who will guide you carefully. You will also be taken to each service area by electric car. With the criterion to bring you the best comfort, Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park is sure to be the number one beauty destination in Da Nang that you cannot ignore.

In addition to the beauty and healthcare services, you can also experience other unique relaxation services at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park such as Jacuzzi massage, lemongrass sauna, or drinking tea in Japanese-style tearoom. Let call your friends and come to Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park this weekend to enjoy!