3 most popular and economical service packages when going on vacation at Nui Than Tai

Are you looking for a promotion at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park in order to save more money when going on vacation? Do you want to take your family to Nui Than Tai for high-class healthcare services with affordable budget? You do not know where to have lunch so that your family can have the most complete retreat? Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park offers you 3 service packages including entrance tickets for the same health care services and buffet lunch without extra cost. Let check out below!

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Nap Khi Package – Including entrance ticket, basic services and mud bath

Nap Khi is the cheapest package in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park. Only 420,000VND/ package for 1 guest including entrance fee, you will experience all the basic services and mud bath service, whichcan save you 30,000VND. If you want to enjoy the buffet right here, the fee is only 610,000 VND / person. Nap Khi Package brings you great relaxation and treatment with mineral mud directly exploited from Ba Na Nui Chua with high mineral content. You can take hot mineral bath; soak your body in mud to restore energy in the fastest way!

Duong Tam Package–Including entrance ticket, basic services, mud bath and Onsen bath

Duong Tam is a package dedicated to those who want to live slowly and think about life with Onsen bathing and Japanese style tea enjoyment. In addition to the free general services with entrance tickets such as hot mineral bath, water park fun, Jacuzzi massage,… Duong Tam package will give you the best time of relaxing and mind retreatment with mud bath and Japanese Onsen bath. The price for Duong Tam package is only 450,000 VND / person or 640,000 VND / person including lunch buffet.

Thanh Khiet Package – Including entrance ticket, Onsen bath and green tea/herbal/lemon grass bath


Thanh Khiet special package is for those who love the natural scent of lemon lemongrass, green tea or herbs, as you will be fully pampered when taking a dip in the scented hot mineral water with green tea bath / lemongrass or herbal bath. In addition to the general services with entrance ticket, you can retreat with the Japanese Onsen bath and let the soul "drift" purity together with one of the three services lemon bath / green tea or herbal bath. Thanh Khiet Package is only 450,000 VND / person excluding lunch buffet and 640,000 VND / person including lunch buffet.

With the spirit of "the more fun you have, the more money you save," these packages at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park are great for groups or the whole family. Please contact us immediately for advice on combo packages and take reservations for the upcoming holidays or upcoming weekend!