Top 4 amazing DaNang Vietnam points of interest you must come to visit

Top 4 amazing DaNang Vietnam points of interest you must come to visit

Visitors come to beautiful Da Nang not only by the white sands and the blue sea but also by the glittering night-lights between the bridges, the magnificent cities and the bustling nightlife. However, wherever you go, you must come to visit these 4 amazing Da Nang Vietnam points of interest that mentioned below, because they are the places that make up Da Nang Vietnam attractions and present to the symbol of Da Nang tourism as well.

DHC Marina with the Carp Monument, Bridge of Love and Happy Yacht

Just searching for "Danang Vietnam points of interest" on Google, you will see all the suggestions leading to DHC Marina right next to the Dragon Bridge with the Love Bridge, the Carp Monument and the Happy Yacht. Many visitors have said that if you come to Da Nang without visiting DHC Marina, you just discovered a haft of Da Nang.

Here, the most beautiful and romantic scenes are in the afternoon when the sun goes down lightly through the spraying water from the Carp Monument, waiting at night, the beam lantern in the Love Bridge shines brightly. After sightseeing and shooting at the Love Bridge, go on to the Happy Yacht to enjoy coffee or have dinner while watching the beautiful Han River at night. 

Danang places of interest on the road to Son Tra Mountain

A wonderful adventure for whom do not know what to do in Danang or where Danang Vietnam points of interest is to take a car ride along Son Tra Mountain, stop at Linh Ung Pagoda and look down to the city. The road to Son Tra Mountain is very suitable for couples because it is an extremely romantic street.

You can stop by some reefs on the road to Son Tra or heading to the top of the mountain. There are many Da Nang Vietnam attractions like Bai But, Bai Rang, Bai Obama, 100 years-old Banyan Tree, and the chessboard peak. Each of the places all has the most beautiful scenes that if you do not see once in your life, you will surely regret.

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park – One of the most amazing Da Nang Vietnam attractions

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park recently has a good reputation with tourists all over the country and the world as one of Da Nang Vietnam points of interest. Located in beautiful and majestic mountain of Ba Na Nui Chua, Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park will give you a perfect and relaxing trip in the middle of nature with mineral bath, water park, mud bath, Japanese Onsen bath, and a lot of other services. All the services are taken care with quality and hospitality, which brings you the best treatments for your health.

Not only be the most relaxing and luxury place for tourists to enjoy, but Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park also has the most beautiful spots to take photos and go sightseeing. You can walk around the hot springs lakes and trees to feel the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere here. Just grand opening for 1 year but this place makes a hit this summer in Da Nang with thousands of tourists coming.

Spend the night at My Khe Beach and enjoy the music of the coastal bars

Da Nang Beach at night is so beautiful and peaceful. If you also have a passion for the night walking on the beach, let’s go to the Bien Dong Park, wandering along the My Khe beach, watching the lights go up to the summit of Son Tra.

After that, visit a beach bar, enjoy the music and have some drinks. Bien Dong Park is also a regular venue for major music events with famous singers. You will not want to miss a free open music space right next to the coast, right?

Now you do not have to think about what to do in Da Nang and where Da Nang Vietnam points of interest is anymore. Discovering this place is never enough if you do not spend the days in these 4 amazing DaNang Vietnam points of interest above. Once you come here, do not hesitate to schedule your experiences with these Danang places of interest right away!